Supported Assisted Living

Supported assisted living in the Golden Age House TA
The Golden Age House TA offers a support service package, as part of the independent life the residents live. Our perception is that one needs to enjoy a suitable framework in order to live a fully and wholesome life and in case of need, we can assist with specific needs. It has priority over the frame nursing care. Therefore, we have established a framework that enables our residents to enjoy their independence, along with the assistant they need.

Our support service allows the residents to maintain an independent life, with full support of their specific needs.

Supported assisted living- who can benefit from it?

1. Our support service package is suitable for residents who need assistance and support in carrying out daily activities, yet they are interested and able to maintain an independent life, in a private apartment.
2. For residents that are in recovering period after hospitalization and need temporary support in performing activities of daily living.

Each resident receives a tailored program of personal supporting services thru all hours of the day with help and medical treatment follow ups .residents enjoy all the services that the Golden Age House TA offers – medical treatment, cleaning, nutrition, social service assistance, laundry, physiotherapy, counseling and guidance of a dietician. Residents that receive our support service package participate in the variety of activities that take place in the Golden Age House TA.

The Golden Age House TA- the perfect living environment
the house offers all services under one roof. We are located in central Tel Aviv with easy access to Givatayim and Ramat Gan.
The Golden Age TA – The house gives you the best living environment!