Nursing home

Nursing home – our nursing department within The Golden Age House TA
The Golden Age House TA, has one of the most modern and elegant Nursing wards in the country, it is also functions as a full nursing home. The residents in the nursing ward enjoy high quality living, luxury accommodations with all associated services, advanced equipment and systems, professional staff and a variety of activities.



Nursing home who can benefit from it?


  1. The ward is suitablefor residents that are frail, mentally frail or disabled, whom request to live in a private Nursing home/Ward.
  2. for people who require nursing servicesforshort-term/long-term care, ona daily basis, as part of a recovering period after hospitalization.


Our medical team-

The medical team in The Golden Age House TA is accompanied by Prof. Adonski, who manages the nursing ward. Our nurses and care takers, are professional and experienced. The ward is equipped with modern medical equipment and provides an array of advanced services 24/7.

Each resident in the nursing ward has a personal tailored program of service, depending on their medical and nursing needs. Each room in the ward include a private toilet and shower, beds with special mattresses suitable for prolonged fatigue, Air Conditioning, a TV and a personal phone. The ward is equipped with a computerized system of emergency buttons and phones, a physiotherapy room with special therapy equipment to treat pain and health problems.
Residents of the nursing ward in The Golden Age House TA enjoy an extensive program of activities and leisure, events and celebrations.




Services in the Nursing ward-
Sometimes when we get older, health is not at its best, and it becomes difficult to function independently and perform daily activities. At this stage, we need support and assistance. Initially spouses or children who are willing to sacrifice, can help and support but it is difficult to maintain a level of support over a long period of time. In the case of significant loss of capability in functioning and difficulty in providing assistance in our private home, there comes a time we have to find an appropriate solution that will suit our needs.




The Golden Age House TA – the perfect living environment

The Golden Age House TA – assisted living and nursing ward is located in a central area in Tel Aviv, d with easy access to Givatayim and Ramat Gan. Accessible public transportation is available.

The Golden Age House TA is both an assisted living house and Nursing home. We take care of all of our residents equally and without exception.