Assisted independent living or Nursing home

Assisted independent living or Nursing home?

The difference between assisted independent livings and Nursing home

The choice between assisted independent living and Nursing home requires a profound understanding of the differences between the two. It is important to learn about them, in order to make the right choice. During life we ​​go through a lot of changes when one of the significant changes is getting older and wanting to feel protected.

There comes a time in life where we understand we cannot stay alone. With fewer friends, children that are busy with careers and their family and can no longer be with us as they were in the past we start to realize that there is only one solution; At this point we need to choose a place that will meet our needs, depending on the physical condition and our mental state. Currently there are mainly two possible residential options and the choice between them is based on our financial and physical/ mental situation.



Nursing home is an institution supervised by the Health Ministry, which offers people who need assistance the help they require.
Most Nursing homes are divided into wards-

Mentally frail ward – elderly people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, who need to be in a closed ward, constantly monitored.

Frail ward – independent seniors who need assistance in certain activities during the day, but beyond that they are independent.

Nursing ward – elderly people who cannot function independently and generally in need of assistance 24 hours a day.
There are Senior citizen’s homes nationwide, especially in major cities – Tel Aviv Haifa, Be’er Sheva and wherever there is a community of seniors.
The essential difference between assisted independent livings and Nursing homes

In assisted independent livings, the residents can continue to live an independent life as they choose. Live in their own apartment and enjoy a variety of activities in which Golden House TA provides and feel protected.

In Nursing homes, most residents live in rooms with other residents and affected by the schedule and routine of the home.





Nursing code-
The Nursing code is an approval from the Health Ministry of Israel that certifies assistance funding for nursing care of the elderly. The code is given to elderly people in need of assistance that have been defined as mentally frail or disabled. The code is generated on the basis of examination of the socioeconomic status of person in need and their family members and given the status of capacity in various nursing homes that are supervised by the Ministry of Health.

Independent assisted living is a framework suited for the elderly people, which covers a variety of services that older people need under one roof, allowing seniors to enjoy an independent life without any limitations with a framework that includes medical services, security services and the company of other people to be with.

There are three types of assisted living facilities that operate-

The private sector- highest level of assisted living. Directed to a specific clientele, offering them a variety of payment options.

The public sector- public housing companies that convert buildings in order to address the rising demand for assisted living.

The voluntary sector- organizations and associations that operate assisted living homes at the cost of entrance fee.