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    Golden house Tel Aviv

    Golden house Tel Aviv - Israel's premier assisted living, elderly population allows continued management of an independent lifestyle and active in a comfortable and spacious, along with the choice to participate in various cultural and social activities and receiving special services of the adult population in nursing homes.

    The seniors - senior housing in Tel Aviv - is a nursing home for seniors Israel realizes the first senior housing perception - a perception that advocates the creation of a supportive living environment that enables and protects the population of seniors lead an independent life, meaningful and enjoyable.

    The seniors in the heart of Tel Aviv, next to a busy trading center which includes a supermarket, bank, hairdresser and other services. The location of the assisted living facility in Tel Aviv allows the elderly occupants quick access to entertainment facilities as well as the beach and public transportation. The professional staff is the best of its kind in the country and is responsible for providing a professional service and personal attention and uncompromising.

    At seniors - senior housing Tel Aviv - self-employed assisted living, assisted living and nursing department is licensed and supervised by the Ministry of Health. The dilemma between a nursing home to assisted living parents or relatives in favor of the elderly, seniors, requires thorough testing process and responsible. The home team seniors - senior housing Tel Aviv - invites you on a tour of the building and will be happy to entertain your loved ones for a trial period.

    Dairine proven to us every hour sheltered housing - and a golden age in particular - is a respectable choice and best for the people most dear to you. Independence enjoyed by residents of the building, a wealth of cultural and social activities, relationships are created with new friends and constant support, basing his home in Tel Aviv seniors as senior housing quality and leading Israel.

    find out more at the Hebrew version of this website: דיור מוגן